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Your decision: making the right choice

You have had a first interview with your potential future employer and all having gone well, you are invited to meet them a second time to further the contact and/or meet the interviewers who will deal more directly with the position that you have been offered.

This second interview will be very different from the first meeting:

  • It will probably be longer and more in depth than the first contact that you had and it will have to lead, on both your part and theirs, to a decision.
  • The interviewers you will meet will be more precise and concise in their approach and their questions because they will be more directly concerned with the position that you may be asked to fill.

To be asked to a second interview makes you a real potential candidate for the position to be filled because you have retained their attention. So don’t forget that this new status places you on an equal footing with you interviewers, which allows you to ask more questions about the company, your future position and the job conditions envisaged for the position to be filled.

However, being invited to several interviews does not for all that amount to a guarantee that you will be hired, and even after several interviews, a rejection cannot be ruled out.

If these interviews do not finally result in a job offer, don’t let yourself be discouraged and never consider a refusal as a failure or a waste of time: there are often many candidates for a job and every interview or selection procedure gives you an added experience which will be useful to your future progress.


Making the right choice, that is to say choosing one job or company over another for the right reasons is particularly important.
An acceptable salary, the friendliness and empathy of the interviewers you met during your job interview and the external image of the company are perhaps not good enough reasons to justify your choice.
It is more important that you would feel at ease and equal to the position you are considering and that the spirit of the company hiring you would suit you. So take time to reflect before taking a definite decision: consider the for and the against, and weigh up the advantages and the disadvantages before deciding.

The salary is an important and often dominating factor: you should obviously take into consideration your bills, rent, children’s education, the material comfort of your family, etc...
However, be aware of the fact that your professional development and your personal satisfaction do not depend on the level of your salary.

Every company has its own culture and spirit or work philosophy that has a direct influence on the working atmosphere and the general attitude of the personnel as they carry out their daily work.

These aspects are therefore fundamental and will determine your pleasure or your enjoyment of the work you will have to do and your professional development.

So it is important to visit the company before making a final decision, in order to soak up the atmosphere and meet your direct superiors as well as your future work colleagues. Don’t hesitate to ask for this visit.

  • How to make the right choice?
  • The salary
  • The culture of the company


If the job you are offered is not exactly what you had hoped for in terms of position within the company structure or in terms of salary but you would really like to join this company, it is all the more important that you find out what are the possibilities for promotion and that you try to obtain some commitments from the recruiter (for example: an increase or change in status after six months or one year). Don’t hesitate to ask that these commitments be put in writing.

Some jobs involve frequent trips abroad. This factor will have a direct effect on your private life and on your family life.
Consider this before making your decision. Ask to be told the purpose, extent, frequency and the duration of anticipated trips.
Also find out in what way these trips abroad are paid/financed (bonuses, making up time, expenses, etc.)

  • Promotion within the company
  • Trips abroad


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