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Sending my CV: explanation of the price

Our rate of 20€ covers sending your unsolicited application to a sample group of companies selected from our database according to your profile, skills and/or preferences. This selection is limited to no more than 500 addresses.

This rate is for sending your resumé regardless of the selection you would have chosen and agreed to. The 20€ rate gives you the right to a single “mailing”.

This is why it is important to answer the questions you are asked when you register precisely and in detail.

Once all of the fields have been properly completed, your covering letter has been written and your payment received, the website offers you a selection of companies that correspond with your profile as well as your chosen criteria. This list is not definitive and you are free to modify it.

We encourage you to look it over carefully and adapt it if need be by removing the companies that do not interest you or by refining your chosen criteria (work sector, geographical situation, etc.).

The number of companies that have been selected on the basis of your information can be found at the top of the page.

If more than 500 companies correspond with your criteria, the website offers you 500 at random, and you are free to eliminate from the list the ones not suited to you. The website will automatically offer you new addresses.

On the other hand, if your profile is very specific - or if you have been too restricted in your chosen criteria - it may be that we are unable to supply you with 500 addresses. You may then extend the list we are offering by widening your own criteria, by adding a work sector for example, or a larger geographical region, etc...

The website will always offer you the best possible selection, based on your own choices. The website supplies you with tools to adapt your selection before choosing and agreeing to it for the mailing of your unsolicited application.

Be attentive: once chosen and agreed to the selection can no longer be modified.


  • The rate of 20€ does not include the database’s selection or the number of contacts generated.
  • The rate of 20€ GAURANTEES THE “MAILING” of your documents based on the selection that you have chosen and agreed to.
  • The rate of 20€ IN NO CASE GUARANTEES THAT THE SELECTION YOU HAVE CHOSEN AND AGREED TO WILL CONTAIN 500 ADRESSES, but it WILL contain the maximum number of addresses that your chosen criteria falls under within our data base.


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