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Your practical guide

The right attitudes

During the job interview your interviewer has to assess your capabilities for carrying out the functions of the position they have to fill.

This assessment will be based as much on your professional skills as on your personality.

Certain attitudes are totally unacceptable and will guarantee you a categorical refusal.

  • Here is a list of the most frequently observed negative factors:
    • Arrogance, aggressiveness, presumptuous attitude, feeling of superiority
    • Lack of motivation, lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm
    • Passive, indolent or indifferent attitude
    • Lack of self-confidence
    • Too much nervousness or emotion
    • Difficulty in expressing oneself clearly, in organising one’s thoughts
    • Evasive answers to tricky questions
    • Lack of tact or politeness
    • Lack of maturity
    • Denigrating previous employers or work colleagues
    • No career plan, no professional aims
    • Limp handshake
    • Evasive look and refusal to look the interviewer in the face
    • Careless or slouchy posture
    • Inappropriate clothing
    • Lack of preparation for the interview, no questions about the company, the position, the culture of the company, etc.

  • It is important that your behaviour shows that you feel at ease and happy to be there.
    • Be yourself and move naturally: walk, stand up, and sit down in a natural and relaxed fashion.
    • Keep yourself upright: don’t slouch in your chair neither while you are waiting to be seen nor during the interview.
    • Don’t attempt to hide your nervousness at all costs. Your interviewer must know that this is an important moment for you and they will see your nervousness as a sign of real interest.
    • Nevertheless, try to relax as the interview proceeds; don’t remain stiff and immobile.
    • Adapt your behaviour to that of your interviewer. If they gesticulate a lot, they will accept accordingly that you frequently change position. If they are calm and still, they will probably not appreciate too much movement on your part.


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