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Your practical guide

How to approach selection tests?

Most candidates approach selection or recruitment tests with a great deal of apprehension. However, it is enough to inform oneself, follow some advice and practice a little for these tests to go well.

It is particularly important to keep calm in all circumstances. In fact, the attitude of the candidate towards the tests that they are asked to take already gives the recruiter an indication of the candidate’s ability to deal with stress: their behaviour, the way in which they approach the questions, their concentration or their carelessness and whether they are methodical or chaotic.


Rest before the day of the tests!

  • Here are a few useful tips
    • Concentrate and don’t let your attention slip while you are taking the tests. Always read all the instructions before the test very carefully and think before answering.
    • If you don’t know the answer to a question, simply do not answer it. Not answering is preferable to a wrong answer chosen at random which could adversely affect the final score.
    • The speed with which you complete your test sometimes also counts towards your assessment.
      If no mention is made of this subject, don’t hesitate to ask your examiner and they will tell you if the test is timed. Avoid losing time on the questions to which you do not know the answers or that take up too much of your thinking time. Give your answers as quickly as possible and don’t worry if you do not reach the end of the list of questions: it is not really expected that the questionnaires can be completed within the time allowed.
    • If you have the feeling that the tests are much too difficult, do not be discouraged: this impression is completely justified.
      In fact, the degree of difficulty of the tests is deliberately set very high to allow the recruiter to distinguish between good candidates and very good candidates.
    • In all circumstances, avoid giving in to panic: it will cause you to lose a substantial part of your faculties.
    • To prepare for knowledge tests, refresh your memory and go over the essential basic elements.
    • For numerical intelligence tests practise the rule of 3 and how to calculate percentages.
    • A far as personality tests are concerned, you can prepare but it is pointless to digest a heap of information: there are no good or bad answers. In fact, the answers that you give are simply a reflection of your personality. This test has no aim other than to augment all the other tests that are more focused on professional knowledge and to give the recruiter a view of your “inter-personal skills”.

  • Last tip
    Relax before a test day!


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