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Your practical guide

Here's what we guarantee you, the client

Recruiters interested in your applications
A customised, personalised service
Starting with our first contact, we draw on our energy and our talents to make sure that we truly understand your needs and reflect these in an effective communications plan. This personal relationship between us will continue until the end of the project…

Depending on the formula chosen and the description and complexity of the campaign, we offer you a personalised pricing formula comprised of two phases: a base starter fee, followed by a variable fee on sending my CV. And we always explain beforehand of the highest fee that could apply in your case, to make sure you never have any surprises.

Databases that cover all of Europe
Our direct marketing campaigns use powerful European-scale B2B mega-bases (35 countries, and 11 million companies) offering many selection criteria: geographic coverage, industry, staff numbers, time in business, etc.

Easy and comfortable to use
Sending my CV implements campaigns on your behalf; this means that we assume all of the hard work of direct marketing: relationships with subcontractors, creative challenges, and a variety of reply messages, etc.

Traceability of campaigns
Thanks to IT, we can know exactly who does what, when and how. As a client, you receive a detailed report of your campaign: the number of messages sent, the number of people who read them, the number of registrations, etc.

Confidentiality and security
Whether you need a visible campaign or an anonymous campaign, you can be rest assured that our methods and solutions are safe and secure. With our platforms there is no risk of theft or fraud.

From law to ethics
Internet direct marketing is highly regulated in Europe. As if that weren't enough, we also comply with the most demanding legal requirements (blacklists, unsubscribing, etc.), and we commit ourselves to doing business with the highest moral standards. After all, isn't ethical marketing more effective?

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