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General terms of use
  • Please read carefully the following conditions before beginning to visit the site. The user’s visit to the site automatically signifies that the user has read, understood and accepted the copyrights below.
  • If you do not accept these rights, we must ask you to leave the site.
  • sending my CV reserves the right to modify the copyrights mentioned below. Accordingly, you must consult these on a regular basis in order to continue to be informed of any changes. If you continue to visit the site, you therefore accept any modifications made.

1. Copyrights

  • This site is the property of sending my CV. This site, the project, the text, the logos and the representations, as well as the form and selection are all covered by sending my CV’s copyright. It is possible that in this site, certain information may occasionally come from third parties and/or other sources; in this case, their rights will be complied with.
  • Other trademarks and company names may appear on this site; if so, they shall remain the exclusive property of their respective owners.
  • You may download the content found on this site, provided that:
    • Printing via this site, is intended solely for personal, not-for-profit purposes;
    • All of the copyrights, trademarks and other information owned remain intact;
    • You accept and fully comply with these usage conditions.
    • Any other use of the content found on this site, whether a reproduction (for purposes other than those mentioned above), or an adaptation, distribution or publication, without having first requested sending my CV’s prior written authorisation, is strictly prohibited and shall entail a violation of sending my CV’s copyrights.
    • Downloading, duplicating or copying this site’s content in any way whatsoever shall in no way grant the user or visitor a right of ownership to the content.
    • It is strictly prohibited to use the content of this site for another site without having first requested sending my CV’s written authorisation.


2. Rendering of services/Limitation of liability

  • Unless otherwise expressly stipulated, the information contained on this site and its content must be understood as being provided for information purposes only.
  • Although sending my CV has taken all necessary measures to guarantee the accuracy of the information and to check the arrangements accessible via its site at the time of its publication, no representation or warranty is given (whether expressly or tacitly) to the user/surfer of this information that said information is correct, complete, up-to-date, or that the site does not contain errors, or is exempt from viruses or other harmful elements. Nor – among other things- with respect to adaptation for a specific purpose, if permitted by current laws.
  • The user/surfer agrees to bear all expenses arising from the use of this site.
  • Sending my CV shall not incur any liability --provided that laws permit this exception--concerning the use and/or interpretation of this site's content. This site is made available in the condition in which it is found and is available, at the sole risks of the users/surfer, without any guarantee of any type whatsoever.
  • The downloading, storage or obtaining in any way whatsoever of information from this site shall take place solely under the users responsibility and at the users risk; the user alone shall be liable for any damages that could occur to their computer system or cause the loss of certain data.
  • You waive any remedy against sending my CV and its employees for any type of legal liability, legal proceedings, damages, expenses arising from the use of this site, and for any type of communication, whether or not in violation of these usage conditions.

3. Hypertext links

  • This site contains hypertext links leading to other sites. You represent that you acknowledge and accept that sending my CV is not liable for the content of these sites or for the sites that have a link to this site. sending my CV waives any liability concerning the actual accuracy, legality, reliability or validity of other sites on this site. sending my CV is not the author of the content, the hypertext links, or the services offered by third parties.
  • If you wish a link to this site, you must expressly agree beforehand:
  • To expressly request sending my CV’s consent in writing;
    • Not to insert this site in another site, and not to create any direct link with this site;
    • After visiting, that the link indicates, neither expressly nor tacitly, that sending my CV supports any activity of another site, a company, or a legal entity, and also that sending my CV is not discredited in a deceitful or negative manner.


4. Confidentiality policy

  • You are required to read the relevant provisions concerning the protection of privacy. Said provisions are a part of the general usage conditions that inform you on the processing of your personal information.
  • If you communicate with sending my CV, you must take account of the fact that the protection of these messages sent and/or received is not guaranteed via the Internet. Accordingly, you accept --by sending significant or confidential communications via e-mail-- the risk of the aforementioned uncertainty and a possible lack of confidentiality on the Internet.
  • Pursuant to the Act of 8 December 1992 (for Belgium) and pursuant to the Act of 6 January 1978 (for France) concerning the protection of privacy with respect to the processing of personal information, users have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete information concerning them. They may at any time oppose --at no cost and without having to explain the reasons for doing so- the dissemination of the information by sending a request to the following e-mail address:

5. Legislation/Jurisdiction

  • By visiting the website you accept that all issues concerning the site’s use will be governed by relevant Belgian legislation.
  • The courts of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction in these matters. You acknowledge that you waive any objection against this jurisdiction.


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