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Your practical guide

General sales conditions

1. Offer and order

  • All sales of products and/or services by sending my CV are governed by these general conditions.
  • Any order entails the client's acceptance of these general conditions and the waiver of their own conditions.
  • Any modification must be notified in writing and shall require sending my CV’s explicit written consent.
  • An order shall become final after it has been approved by sending my CV’s management and after the initial fees have been paid.
  • Sending my CV is free of any obligation in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Sending my CV is not in any way party to agreements concerning offers, sales or supplies of products and/or services from individuals or legal entities accessible via its Internet site and entered into with third parties.

2. Prices

  • All of the prices mentioned in the sending my CV offers are expressed in euros and exclude VAT. The offer is valid for two months after the issue date.
  • Sending my CV shall be entitled to modify its selling price in the event of an increase in the price of materials and/or salaries and/or other pricing components.

3. Delivery, supply, acceptance and receiving

  • The delivery, supply, acceptance and receiving of services are deemed to have taken place via the sending my CV site.
  • The client cannot reject partial deliveries.
  • Failure by one party to deliver services shall not entitle the client to reject the entire supply.


4. Times

  • Times are given for information purposes and shall be complied with to the greatest extent possible.
  • A delay in filling an order cannot give rise for sending my CV to a cancellation of the orders in question, nor can it entitle the client to procure its needs elsewhere at the expense of sending my CV, nor shall it entitle the client to demand damages.
  • Times commence as of the sending of the order form.

5. Complaints

  • In order to be admissible, any complaint concerning sending my CV invoices or services must be sent by registered mail within eight days following the date of receipt or delivery.

6. Payment conditions

  • Unless otherwise agreed, invoices are payable in euros at the registered office of sending my CV, either before delivery or in cash. The client shall bear any and all transfer and foreign exchange expenses.
  • Regardless of the circumstances, if a payment is not made by its due date, interest of 12% per year shall be automatically due, without prior notice.
  • In addition, unpaid invoices shall be charged --automatically and without prior notice-- lump-sum compensation of 15%, with a minimum of EUR 100.

7. Jurisdiction and governing law

  • The courts of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction to resolve any dispute.
  • However, sending my CV reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against its clients before any other court with jurisdiction.
  • Belgian law governs the relationship between the parties.


8. Cancellation

  • An order may only be cancelled with the consent of sending my CV.
  • If an order is cancelled, a lump-sum compensation shall be due by the buyer at the rate of 50% of the order price (including VAT) subject to sending my CV’s right to demand additional compensation if it is able to demonstrate that it has suffered a larger loss.

9. Intellectual property

  • The client is strictly prohibited from sending information acquired in any way whatsoever to third parties, whether or not for valuable consideration. It is also prohibited from making copies of the same, unless this is necessary for reasons of security.
  • In the event of a violation of the aforementioned obligation, sending my CV reserves the right, without prior notice, to terminate the contract and to cease any and all additional assistance, without prejudice to its right to damages or to pass on the damages demanded by sending my CV suppliers or by the holders of industrial property rights.

10. Personal information

  • Unless otherwise expressed by the client, sending my CV may use the invoicing information concerning the client to offer products and services that may satisfy the client’s needs.
  • If the client is an individual, he or she may consult his information at any time and oppose its processing, unless the processing is necessary to perform the contract or unless it is required by a legal obligation.
  • The client has the right to correct, add to or delete any erroneous, incomplete or irrelevant information.

11. Liability

  • Under no circumstances will sending my CV be liable for the quality of the information collected, which presupposes the good faith of the person who provided the information at the time of its registration.


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