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Your practical guide

Different types of tests

Psychological tests are intended to give the recruiter a general idea of whether the candidate’s personality is suited to the demands of the company.

These tests save the company a lot of time in relation to the interviews and provide them with an objective base for comparing different candidates.

  • Psychological tests


  • Personality and performance test
    This test is intended to give the recruiter a precise idea of the candidate’s personality and the way in which they see themselves, in relation to other people and to their environment.
    It consists of a series of expressions, assertions, statements or character traits and the candidate must determine to what extent they apply to him/her.
    This test is used to detect personalities that are too dominant, too chaotic, too introverted, etc …

  • Numerical intelligence test
    This test assesses the candidate’s numerical reasoning faculties and assesses their capacity to establish links between figures and with what degree of precision and speed.
    This is usually a test with a time limit.

  • Verbal intelligence test
    This test assesses the candidate’s verbal reasoning capacity. It assesses the degree of linguistic comprehension and the candidate’s ability to make a logical connection between words.

  • Knowledge tests

Your studies and your professional experience have led you to acquire your professional skills, your specific knowledge and have developed your know-how.

The knowledge tests serve to sound out the extent of a candidate’s know-how in a particular area.

Therefore, the tests that candidates are asked to take will be very different depending on the position to be filled and the essential skills needed to carry out the job being offered.


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